Network Infrastructures: For the Office


Whether relocation your current office or setting up a new one, MMXITS has the experience to gear your network infrastructure so that staff are able to walk in and start working.

The most frustrating thing for a business owner is having staff sitting at their desks and not being able to work.

MMXITS will do the necessary network cabling, wireless and server installations and then test that each is working as per the customer’s expectation (we don’t just test the technology individually – it has to work for the business).

Your network is the IT backbone of your business. Any downtime on the backbone has the potential to affect all users and, like any backbone, getting this correct first time allows everything hinging off of it to work smoothly. Get it wrong and you’re back to the drawing board.

For network infrastructure, MMXITS make the following services available to you:

  • Onsite IT Support
  • Windows Servers (Build up, Configuring, Maintaining)
  • Network Cabling (Cat 5e and Cat 6)
  • Network Cabinets (U-Racks)
  • Wireless Networks (including bridging, point to point, point to multi-point)
  • Setup and configuring of ADSL Modems/Routers
  • Remote Desktop Support (RDP)
  • Network backup solution design, implementation and support