Once you’ve had tried our onsite support services and you’re confident that we deliver (which we’re confident you will), why not make use of one of our Service Level Agreements? These agreements are negotiated and tailored to each customer’s requirements and allows for the following added value services:

• Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) – these provide for a set response time and target resolution time based on the severity of the problem that the customer is experiencing. (eg. If a server should fail the SLA might state that MMXITS have to be onsite with     1hour of the phone being received from client)

• Site audit review and awareness – this allows MMXITS to become intimate with your IT setup (and indirectly, your critical business requirements) and provides you, the client, with documentation on your IT assets, credentials, service provider information etc

• Contracted rates – clients that are on SLA contracts receive preferential rates

• The customer receives a fixed monthly cost and is better able to budget for their day to day IT support requirements.

• If the customer requires this, MMXITS will discuss an IT roadmap with you that will help you understand what technology is available to your business and how this technology could be implemented over a time period (usually 3 – 5 years) to enable your  business to outperform the competition.